Laser Cutting, Die Cutting, and Decals

Lasers? Die cutting? What does THAT have to do with commercial photography and communication consulting?

Well, it doesn’t…or it didn’t, at first.

I love being creative and making beautiful (and helpful!) things. I purchased my die cut machine for a personal passion project when Teddy was a few months old and I was really struggling with postpartum depression and postpartum anxiety. I used my machine to cut out small phrases to inspire me…

I put a small decal, “breathe,” on my bathroom mirror to remind myself to take a deep breath and relax.

I put “I am enough” on the windshield of my car, to remind me every time I got in the car with a crying baby and a tired mind that I am enough, and I’m doing a great job.

I put “do epic shit” on my coffee cup so I’d start every morning on the right foot. 😉

Eventually, I decided that I wanted to make these small decals for others, and sales of these decals have been booming. I sell them at Agora – Local Makers Market in downtown Stevens Point, at the CREATE Market during Levitt AMP concerts along the riverfront, in my Etsy shop, and by special order.

Shortly after I started selling these inspirational decals, something awesome happened. Some of my commercial photography and communication consulting clients saw my die cut business logo on my car, heard about this passion project, and asked if I could create custom decals for them. I discovered that for a modest fee, I can create custom decals using my clients’ logos.

They have been used on promotional gifts, organizational materials, office decor, and even on the glass windows and doors of their offices! The possibilities are nearly endless- I’m happy to help you spread your message anywhere. 🙂

Most of my clients value hiring local vendors, and I’m typically able to match the prices of larger vinyl decal companies. I love this addition to the heidi oberstadt media line of services. 🙂

Want some inspirational decals? Check out my Etsy shop.

My laser cutter allows me to make some unique gifts and promotional items. I use a Glowforge, and I’m happy to share my experience with it if you’re interested in getting involved!