Hi! I’m Heidi Elizabeth Oberstadt.

I’m the photographer, communication scholar, and creative professional behind heidi oberstadt media, a.k.a. heo.

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My personal mission statement:

“To spread joy and create beautiful things.”

In that order. 🙂

I’m obviously a photographer, but I’m also a runner, kayaker, dancer, fly angler, musician, and so much more. I smile a lot, and seek out beauty in ordinary and everyday things. I sleep too much, run a lot, and drink a ton of coffee. I commute by bicycle during the week, if I can.

As a commercial photographer, I love helping my clients and their products look fabulous! From mouthwatering food photography, to professional headshots that show individuality, to real estate photography that reflects the true nature of a space, to showcasing excitement in the adventure industry- this is my passion. I really enjoy learning about my clients’ fields of expertise, and finding creative ways to represent how they do what they do, so they can share it with the world!

I have a Master’s Degree in communication, and I use my background in research, marketing, and branding to help companies and organizations create the content they need.

heidi in captiva-1I craft personalized communication plans to help companies and organizations know what to post, when to post it, and how to do it all with as little time as possible spent behind their computer screen. This often includes creating and implementing target market surveys and learning how to best serve my clients’ audiences. I know that this process is overwhelming for most people and that many organizations don’t have a lot of time to commit to this process. I work to give them the biggest impact with a minimal time investment. 

I also love being creative and making beautiful (and helpful!) things. I have a vinyl die cut machine that I originally purchased as a personal passion project. I used it to cut out small phrases to remind me of little inspirational nuggets… I put a small decal, “breathe,” on my bathroom mirror to remind myself to take a deep breath and relax. I put “I am enough” on the windshield of my car, to remind me every time I got in the car with a crying baby and a tired mind that I am enough, and I’m doing a great job. Eventually, I decided that I wanted to make these small decals for others, and sales of these decals have been booming. I sell them at Agora Makers Market in downtown Stevens Point, at the Create Market during Levitt AMP concerts along the riverfront, in my Etsy shop, and by special order. Some of my commercial photography and communication consulting clients saw my business logo on my car, heard about this passion project, and asked if I could create custom decals for them. I discovered that for a modest fee, I can create custom decals using my clients’ logos. They have been used on promotional gifts, organizational materials, and even on the glass doors of their offices! Most of my clients value hiring local vendors, and I’m typically able to match the prices of larger vinyl decal companies. 

If you need someone to help you get started with defining your brand and creating a marketing/communication plan for your business, I’m your girl!

I’ve had the opportunity to work with a lot of wonderful clients, and I’ve been able to travel the country pursuing my dreams. My family and friends are my biggest supporters on all these adventures, and I wouldn’t be “me” without them.

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I have a wildly talented, mustachioed husband, Brian. Together, we make up the team at Photographic Memories. If you’re looking for wedding photography or other portraiture, that’s the place to find us!

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We have an adorable Jack Russell Terrier, Abbie, and a cute little home close to the Wisconsin river.

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Our newest intern is Benji, our adorable son. He is the sweetest addition to our creative team and we’re so happy he’s here! Benji joins Teddy to represent the youth market, and our home is filled with laughter, screams, tackles, and snuggles.

Fantastic music, incredible wine, fancy dancing, good whiskey, and great beer are much appreciated in our home. 🙂 I use emoticons in all my emails and digital correspondence, and if we are lucky enough to meet, you’ll learn that I smile a lot in person, too!

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Have questions? Want to chat? Email me: heidi@theoberstadts.com

Photo credit: Brian Oberstadt, Carmel Saris, Chris Hunt, and a fabulous stranger at the Grand Canyon