The Tulip Project

I started The Tulip Project in spring 2020, as a way to bring hope and joy into a stressful time. I was working from home, with my toddler home from daycare due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and I was feeling overwhelmed myself.

My family owned a greenhouse for many years, and I spent my summers skipping through the humid aisles admiring all the colorful blooms. This love for flowers has stuck with me, even through the loss of my mother and my grandfather. I found myself wanting to share the hope of these spring tulips, so I got to work.

Since I was feeling the stress of pandemic challenges, and you don’t get much time to yourself with a one-year-old at home, these photos were all taken with minimal lighting and editing. They’re taken with my Ikea coffee table as the backdrop, and lighting bounced off my living room walls.

I started by posting one tulip photo a day, and we finished with 100 days of tulips.

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