How I Work

I have traveled from New York to Alabama to Washington State to capture beautiful places, unique products, and stunning people, though I am happily based in Stevens Point, Wisconsin.


I now shoot fully digital, and I’m a proud Nikon lover. My office is a relaxing bright space attached to our home, and I surround myself with inspirational music and art.

I’m a mama to Teddy and Benji, my handsome sons. It’s amazing how much a baby can change a person’s perspective- everything in my life is different since these little guys arrived.

I’m currently working in a mentorship with William Gardner, and expanding my horizons with landscape photography, often donating my work for conservation advocacy.

I joke with my friends that I’m completely a cornucopia of interests, but it is true!

I’m a classically trained musician, a conservationist, a marathon runner, a dog lover, and an avid fly angler. Those connections and interests have influenced the majority of my work- oh, and I love to eat!

My food photography has grown out of respect for the beauty of a well-prepared meal, and the love that goes into the preparation. I have a passion for capturing the ambiance of a kitchen and the beauty of the food, and I often make myself hungry while processing the photos in my office. 🙂

I love helping my clients and their products look fabulous! From capturing food in a way that makes our mouths water to creating a professional headshot that shows your personality to showcasing the excitement and joy from hiring a fly fishing guide service, this is my passion.

I travel with full backup bodies, lenses, flashes, and my yoga mat.

Want to work with me?

Commissioned work is priced on an individual basis, so please give me a call (715.573.5104) or send me an email ( and inquire!